マレーカンポン (+81) 03- 3537 6690

We hope you will enjoy the taste of Malaysian Halal dishes.
You can contact us in English, Bahasa, Mandarin and Japanese. Please call to Mr.Char.


<営業時間変更のお知らせ 5月26日より>
このたびの緊急事態宣言の解除 並びに 各自治体の休業要請の緩和を受け、各店舗の営業時間を下記の通り変更いたします。

11:00~14:00L/O, 17:00~22:00(L/O 21:30)

11:00~14:30L/O, 17:00~22:00(L/O 21:30)

11:00~14:30L/O, 17:00~22:00(L/O 21:30)



<Notice of changes business hour>
Due to Canceling the declaration of a state of emergency and lifted of request to shorten business hour by local government,
Our business hour is changed as below

・Malay kampung <Hacchobori> (every Sat&Sunday close)
 11:00-14:30L/O, 17:00-22:00(L/O 21:30)

・Malay Asian Cuisine SHIBUYA
 11:00-14:30L/O, 17:00-22:00(L/O 21:30)

・Malay Asian Cuisine YOKOHAMA (every Monday close)
 11:00-14:30L/O, 17:00-22:00(L/O 21:30)

We are operating on preventive measures against infection with keeping following measures.
・ Request for disinfection your fingers before entering restaurants
・ Staff wearing mask
・ Provide adequate ventilation
・ Spacing guests and seats as much as possible

Please kindly understand and cooperation.
We are looking forward to seeing you and welcoming everyone.

★お知らせ マレーシア食品の宅配、好評です★

現在のような状況で、在日マレーシアの友人たち、またモスリムの方々、そしてマレーシア料理好きのみなさまがすこ少しでも安心して過ごせるように、当社レストラン(マレーアジアンクイジーン渋谷店より発送)の店頭で販売しているマレーシア製品の宅配サービスを緊急で開始いたします。趣旨に賛同いただき、ご提供いただいた業者様のご協力により特別価格になっております。準備が整っていない部分もございますが、随時ブラッシュアップしていきますので、ご利用いただければ幸いです。(10th, Apr, 2020 更新)

LinkIcon★★商品詳細、注文方法はこちら(ここをクリック)purchase Malaysian food product pls click here  ★★

Japan has declared a state of emergency in several areas and request to do “Stay at home”. We, Malay Asian Cuisine (MAC), has considered to help and to be safe and peaceful for our friends as Malaysian and Muslim friends who stay in Japan, we would like to start the delivery service of Malaysia products which sold in MAC restaurant. The prices are the special price with cooperation of the distributors which have agreed with our purpose.

★お知らせ 持ち帰りキャンペーン★


Menu and price are same in all three restaurants as below.LinkIcon★★持ち帰りメニュー(ここをクリックして下さいね) Special offer menu pls click here  ★★

Dear valued customers and muslim friends in Tokyo & Yokohama, Following the order of "Stay-At-Home", our restaurants start to provide "Take away-Bonto box" with special offer price from 1st/April. Please make the purchase order by phone-call and e-mail in advance and/or come and order at our restaurants.

ぜひ、お立ち寄りいただき、気軽にご注文ください。なお、事前の電話、またはメールでの注文も受け付けています(詳しくは上記ページまで)。"Take Away" order at Restaurant : provide within 15min-30min."Take Away" order by Phone-call or FAX : within 30min for correct.
Malay Kampung:Tel +81-3-3537-6690
Payment by cash only.
Business Hour : 11:00-14:00,17:00-20:00

Please take care & be safe you, your family and all of your staffs, and Stay at Home...

★UberEats 下記リンクよりどうぞ★

Due to the request to stay at home, please make the phone-call to our restaurants to purchase "Take Away=Bento" , and/or Please do practically order the delivery service by UberEats.

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